About the Bikes

Ace Electric Motorbike in Yellow

Peter Grimaldi is the inventor and founder of Ace Electric Motorbikes based out of Monmouth County, New Jersey. His unique patented designs, reminiscent of the classic American Board Track Racers, separate his electrically powered machines from other bikes in today’s marketplace

Ace American LLC uses the incredible Phoenix II 3640 Motor System standard on all ACE Motorbikes. It uses a dependable, powerful 36 volt 40 amp controller. These kits have been known to exceed 35,000 miles! It includes a light-weight motor, sensorless technology, a lighted power indicator, a twist-grip throttle, and controller – all with incredible reliability and power. While you can pedal with Phoenix II systems, they are NOT pedal-assist. Phoenix II systems will power themselves without help from the rider, even up hills.

Phoenix II 3640 Motor System

  • 36V
  • 25A
  • 900W
  • 26mph

Phoenix II 4840 Motor System

  • 48V
  • 40A
  • 1920W
  • 34mph

How it Works:

The major components of the system consist of a battery pack, a controller , a Motor Cycle Type Twist Throttle with Lighted Power Indicator, and a hub motor. All major components are connected to the controller, the “brain” of the system. The controller’s basic operation is similar to an electric light dimmer. It adjusts the amount of power going to the motor based on the throttle setting. Brushless hub motors are very efficient.

Inside, there are three separate windings. Each winding is responsible for turning the wheel one-third of the way around. While there used to be sensors inside the motor to tell the controller which winding to apply power to, now the controller does all the work! There is nothing inside the motor that can be damaged, other than bearings! This allows the energy to be more focused, and changing windings is all electronic – done completely by the controller. There is no physical connection between the stationary part of the motor and the moving part of the motor, so there is no theoretical limit to their life.

Brushed motors work differently. Power is transferred to the motor by brushes making contact with the moving part of the motor. This means that brushes must be replaced periodically, which can be expensive and can cause down-time.

All Phoenix II motors are brushless, so the only fixed cost of owning one is battery replacement and the occasional tire, tube, and brake replacement. Yes, you will go through more brake pads with a power system installed on a bike with rim brakes, but all Phoenix II motors are available with optional disc brakes! Disc brakes require less adjustment, and less brake pad replacements.