Board Track Racing

metrodome-classic-racingDuring the early 1900s, Board Track Racing was the all the rage. Metrodomes in every city could barely contain the thousands of spectators that crammed in to see these fantastic machines compete neck and neck with each other, defying death itself with every pass.

These mechanized marvels were piloted by adrenalin filled riders and without brakes they raced with reckless abandon reaching screaming speeds as much as a jaw dropping 120 miles per hour. The wooden planks beneath them hummed with a vibrating tune while they dodged each other swallowing spewed gas, oil fumes and smoke.

With an appropriate vintage capture of the cycle that pays homage to the Roaring 20s, Ace Electric Motorbikes, founded by Peter Grimaldi, is the present day descendant of the original motorized bike’s revival, tailored to modern needs. In our era, where environmentally conscious products are in demand, Grimaldi thought to fuse his affinity for classic American retro-style with today’s need for an eco-friendly motor bike.

“This is an all-American crafted machine capable of reaching incredible speeds through electric power…you’ll never buy gas again and it’s quick and quiet,” Grimaldi emphasizes enthusiastically.

Each machine is crafted by hand and meticulously custom built to order with an array of options. No two are the same and each has a character all their own. Big bike makers mass produce their simple versions of an electric bicycle. Grimaldi finds these e-bikes crude, primitive and void of all character. Ace Electric Motorbikes are current and modern works of art.